Surviving Borders

The death of Borders hit me hard, and bad news rarely does. When I first heard about the pending bankruptcy, I thought the company might be ‘crying wolf’ prematurely. When the media coverage intensified and Borders began closing stores, I started to worry.

Never in a million years did I dream that the behemoth Penn Plaza location in New York City would close its doors. Sure enough it did, the empty shell remaining as an eerie echo of its former glory. 

I started searching for a new venue almost immediately, and happened upon a quaint book shop that has endured the test of time.  Strand Bookstore has been in business for over eighty years, witnessed the burgeoning influence of technology on the publishing industry, and survived to tell the tale. I visited last night for the first time after visiting the website and poring over customer reviews. What I discovered was nothing less than amazing. Wall to wall shelves bursting with books, and tables strategically positioned throughout the store with new/used titles.

I leisurely wandered the literary fiction and poetry sections.  Space was somewhat limited due to the incredible amount of foot traffic, but that never compromised the quality of the shopping experience. 

A book store should provide an escape for its customers, a momentary deviation from the daily grind to discover something you never knew you were searching for. Strand Bookstore does it better than most. 

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